Your needs come first when we work together. Our understanding of industry-specific and open deck shipping challenges mean you can take back your day.


Shipping flatbed freight often means combating supply and demand imbalances. Stand up to market uncertainty and improve your supply chain with JLB Logistics, Inc. flatbed services.

  • Cover surge and planned flatbed freight with vetted, high-quality carriers and a single contact—your time is too precious to make multiple phone calls for every shipment.

  • Make smarter flatbed trucking decisions based on the current market, our transparent pricing, and your long-term goals.

  • Turn to flatbed shipping experts who understand the nuances of the manufacturing, automotive, energy, and construction industries.


  • Flatbed/Open Deck

  • Hot Shot

  • Conestoga/RGN/Double Drop/Specialized Equipment

  • Cross-State Border

  • Project Cargo