Get products on the road and into your customer’s hands with ease – that’s our goal at JLB Logistics.

Our diverse portfolio of services is designed to create convenient and reliable shipping options for many industries. Contracting with a nationwide network of quality carriers, our dedicated team of logistics professionals can handle your logistics needs. Whether it’s a unique shipment or on the other side of the country, we will arrange an efficient shipping solution to have your load delivered timely and efficiently.

First of all, this company is fantastic. I’ve never seen better customer service like JLB Logistics. It just blows my mind how much effort and care they put into making sure their customer is satisfied. I wish I had known about them before because we have used brokers and 3pl’s and other trucking companies but not one time has JLB let us down. Thank you for everything you do for T Metals, Inc.

Thomas Rowe, T Metals, Inc.

Great company, they do a fantastic job for sunbelt rentals. They are a huge asset to us!

Larry Simon, Sunbelt Rentals

Good customer service, fast delivery on trucks. Will use again!

Samantha Casey

Amazing customer service. Broker loads to this company all the time, always on time and no accidents ever.

Thank you,

Lions Guard Enterprise, LLC