What is needed to ship solar panels?

If you’re in the solar energy industry, shipping products such as solar panels is a feat that takes careful consideration and planning. These fragile products rely on intermodal drayage to make it safely from one point to another, and often times a third party logistics company is hired to ensure this happens without any hiccups.


Sometimes, solar energy products can be large in size.  You might picture those big, flat panels that are unique in shape. This requires oversized shipping where special trucks and drivers are utilized for adequate loading, handling, and transporting.

Choosing a 4PL to handle your solar panel shipment makes sense because of the flexibility offered. With a wide variety of services, equipmen,t and fleet options available, it’s easy to find the essentials needed all in one place. Since shipping solar panels is an intricate business with varying needs, this is helpful.


It takes time to ship solar equipment across the country. Not only is this a challenging factor to consider, but generally solar farms will be located in remote areas with limited access and an unclear perspective of the surroundings. This is where storage becomes a primary logistics service.

Remember how we mentioned the flexibility that comes along with choosing a 3PL? Another advantage is the fact that some companies have multiple warehouses strategically located near major ports, roads and railways that span over a significant distance of a region or the country. It makes it easier to plan where and how to store solar panels and may open up other route options for delivery.


Shipping solar panels is a different breed of logistics that no doubt requires an expert eye and a diverse range of professional skills and knowledge to get such a behemoth of a job completed with success. That’s where supply chain management comes into play. Where can you find logistics professionals that will know exactly how to handle this sort of cargo?

With a 3PL, you can’t go wrong because there are logistics experts across the board that are experienced in several different services rendered. Management is the key component of any company and helping customers to properly operate their supply chain. Problem-solving to save time and money while shipping safely is what you need and a 3PL ensures you get this on every level.